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Profiles in 3C


Traits imbibed by the Learners through a value system continuously evolving for a harmonious co-existence in the world at large.

Profiles of Character

1. Independent

One who is free, easy, bold, unconstrained. One who develops his/her own natural curiosity and skills necessary to carry out inquiries and show independence in learning.

2. Balanced   

One who understands the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well being.

3. Responsible   

One who is reliable, who can be trusted and depended upon. Understands and expresses ideas and information creatively in a variety of mode of communication.

4. Integrity

Honest and adheres to moral and ethical principles.

5. Confident

One who has a firm belief in one’s power, abilities and making appropriate decisions and choices.

6. Optimistic

Has a positive attitude and always assumes the best outcome

7. Courageous

One who has the ability to approach unfamiliar situations, difficulty and uncertainty or pain without being overcome by fear, and have the spirit to explore new ideas and strategies.

8. Committed

One who is devoted to his/her actions and words and takes responsibility for the consequences that comes with it.

9. Enthusiastic  

One who is eager to understand concepts, ideas and takes initiative and in so doing acquire in-depth knowledge of the balanced range of discipline.

10. Respect for all 

One who has feeling and respect for need of everybody around them. They try to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

11. Self Esteemed 

One who has a high sense of personal worth and ability and encompasses beliefs and emotions such as triumph, despair and pride

12. Empathetic  

One who has the ability to identify with and understand other’s feelings and difficulties and is always ready to help.

13. Open minded  

One who is free from prejudices and receptive to new ideas.

14. Inquirer   

One who develops ones natural curiosity and the necessary skills to carry out inquiry and research in learning.

15. Participative

One who is willing to share his/her knowledge with others and take part in all the works related to learning.


Skills developed by learners effectively and continuously for a progressive growth.

Profiles of Competence

1. Innovative

One who is creative especially in the way that something is done.

2. Pro-active 

Takes an action in advance to deal with an expected difficulty.

3. Communicative 

One who is able to communicate his/her ideas clearly and readily.

4. Leaders

One who is able to influence others towards achieving goals.

5. Adaptable 

One who is able to adjust easily to a new environment or to different conditions

6. Organized

Plans one’s activity efficiently and methodically.

7. Assertive   

One who is strong in putting forward one’s views.

8. Passionate

One who expresses an intense desire for something.

9. Perseverant

One who has steady and continued action or belief, usually over a long period and especially despite difficulties or setbacks.

10. Thinker

One who is curious and reasons while reflecting on the predicament, then chooses to respond ingenuously rather than react to the situation.

11. Focused

Concentrates on a task until it is accomplished

12. Risk taker

One who takes chances in hopes of winning. One who is brave and articulate in defending his/her beliefs.

13. Decision Maker

Capable of making a logical decision from the available options.

14. Updated

One who is aware of the most recent information than was previously available and tries to acquire the same.

15. Research Oriented

One who does methodical investigation into a subject in order to discover the facts, to establish or revise a theory, or to develop a plan of action based on the facts discovered.